Alkehine’s Gun by Joel Gill

7:57 AM by S. Cartisano

In the distant future, a distraught father makes a difficult decision for the wellbeing of his child. When his son is born without most of his brain, he becomes the perfect candidate for the Alkehine’s Gun project. For the ten years following the procedure, the father has attempted to communicate with his son in the only way he can: games of chess. Up until now, it’s been a one-sided conversation. Now his son has finally spoken. Join artist and writer Joel Gill as he delves into the mystery of Alkehine’s Gun and humanity. About the creator: Joel Christian Gill is the founder, CEO, exclusive board member, sole shareholder, administrative assistant, mailroom clerk, director of development, doorman, elevator operator, and janitor of StrangeFruit Comics. He is also the Chair of the Foundations Department at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, in Manchester New Hampshire where he lives (not at the Institute, but in the city) with his wife, three daughters, and one son. He is not currently in a bad mood. More about Joel on his Blog.