OUTBOUND #2 Press Release

6:23 AM by River Bird Comics



BOSTON, MA (April 9, 2010) – The Boston Comics Roundtable, in partnership with River Bird Studios, is pleased to announce the release of the second issue of Outbound, a Science Fiction anthology. Outbound is a spin-off of sister publication Inbound, the anthology of comics from Boston. Outbound contains comics and short stories from a mix of Boston-based creators and artists all over the world, from Australia to South America, including a new cover from talented Uruguayan artist Marcello Buchelli.

Outbound #2 retails for US$ 9.99 and will be available in every comic book retail location in the greater Boston area and is currently available for pre-order online at http://OutboundMagazine.blogspot.com/ (payment at website via Paypal). This issue introduces the new, perfect-bound, bookshelf-friendly format for Outbound.  After such a great reception to the first issue, the Outbound team decided to up the ante, increasing the page count to 120 pages!

A complete galley preview of Outbound #2 will be available at MoCCA and Boston Comic-Con this coming weekend (April 10-11, 2010).  The book will officially be released at the end of April.  Interested press and retailers may contact Outbound staff to receive a PDF edition for pre-publication review.

The Boston Comics Roundtable was created in 2006 and has produced four issues of the Inbound comics anthology, including their latest breakout hit, Inbound 4: A Comic Book History of BostonOutbound is the Roundtable’s second ongoing series and its first foray into science fiction territory. The release of Outbound marks an exciting new chapter for the Boston Comics Roundtable and for the Science Fiction genre. Fans can expect new issues of Outbound every six to nine months. 

Outbound is the brainchild of Roundtable member and Inbound contributor, Roho, the principal of River Bird Studios. More information and publications from the Boston Comics Roundtable can be found at
http://www.bostoncomicsroundtable.com/River Bird Studios is located on the web at http://riverbirdstudios.blogspot.com/.

The comic stories in Outbound #2 are serializations, with new ongoing stories premiering alongside continuing chapters of fan favorite stories from the first issue.

Returning stories include: 

  • “Space and Time” by Josh Mills, Michael Paoloni, David Marshall, and Roho, with issue cover by Marcello Buchelli;
  • “The Caerulean Dream” by Roho and Kevin Zimmerman, with chapter cover by Randy Valiente;
  • “The Null Device” by David Marshall;
  • “Flek” by Erik Heumiller;
  • “Scientists Gone Wild” by Eric Boeker;
  • and “Black Fuska” by Roho, Dave Myers, and Steve Willhite, with chapter cover by Paul Marquis.

Featuring new stories:
·         “The New Kid” by Dan Mazur, with chapter cover by Roho;
·         “The Fallout Parade” by Jesse Lonergan;
·         “Frequency: Breaking the Law of Gravity” by David Alluisi and Brian Boyles, with chapter cover by Jason Baroody;
·         “Robot 11-Three” by Kevin Kilgore, with chapter cover by Chris Ring;
·         “Alkehine’s Gun” by Joel Gill;
·         and “Driftwood” by Morgan Pielli.

Outbound #2 also includes prose fiction: 
·         “Tin Cans and a String” by Patrick J. Flaherty, with art by Furman.

The Boston Comics Roundtable is an independent organization of comics creators in the Greater Boston area. The group meets weekly to workshop, educate, and network. Meetings are open to the public. Information regarding publications, artist galleries, and meetings can be found at http://www.bostoncomicsroundtable.com/.

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