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  • "With cool, original story concepts, incredible, captivating and highly-detailed artwork, and a multi-issue continuity that will hook you by the lip like a big trout! "
  • "All in all, the mixture of comics throughout Outbound #1 was refreshing. Some stories I favored more than others and hope to follow up on them."
  • "Outbound is an impressive science fiction comics anthology. With all the continued stories you're either in for the long flight or you're grounded. I'm in. The two volumes easily earn their Midnight Fiction Favorite ranking."
  • "It's a well done book and I really appreciate that they aim for and mostly hit a kind of science fiction that evokes classic adventure tales without being nostalgic or campy."
  • "Crazy-ass Pulp Scifi We Can't Wait to Read"
    by IO9
  • "...after driving into town to pick it up from the post office, I sat in the car for 20 minutes reading it before I pulled out of my parking space. I literally could not put it down."
  • "like Heavy Metal's early years, a couple stories that must only make sense if you're heavily into some sort of drug experience."
  • "Outbound ostensibly looks like the type of classic sci-fi books I remember picking up used at the second hand store of my youth for just a dime. It’s got a great retro sci-fi cover that certainly made me curious to see if the contents would live up to that appealing presentation."