Outbound Submissions

7:20 AM by River Bird Comics

Ongoing Series submissions are indefinitely closed, we have enough ONGOING stories for the foreseeable future. If you have a short story in comics or prose form EMAIL me a short description and art samples for comics and the full text for prose.

However we are always looking for helping hands so we are listing ARTISTS SUBMISSIONS (in order of urgency) for the following skilled technicians of Comic Book Art:

  • Color Artists (both sequential and non-sequential).
  • Grey Tone Artist (digital or traditional).
  • Letterers.
  • Sequential Artists (read penciler) to work with a writer on a new series*.
  • Ink Artist (not tattoo artists, ink on paper or digital).
  • Proof Reader (wi dont spelll zo wel!).
  • Prose Editor, we are looking for a published Sci-Fi author to oversee the prose section.
  • Web Help (basic blogging knowledge, image files handling, forum mods, no programing).

How to submit:
Post here only one page for each category you are applying for, you will be contacted for more if you qualify. Don't post huge picture but you can post links to bigger versions.

As you know Outbound is an all volunteer publication, this doesn't mean we don't intent to make a profit but right now the main objective is to publish work and expose artist to a wider audience than what they could reach on their own. Having said this we guarantee that is you do work for us you will be first of all PUBLISHED, second CREDITED (both in the printed book and our website) and you will receive a FREE copy of the BOOK with your work on it. Feel free to post any questions about this details.

* For Pencilers there is a story premiering on Outbound #2 as a prose, the idea is to continue this as a ongoing, the writer is churning out scripts already.
It could be anywhere between 4 and 12 pages, the setting its pretty much present day and there is some character designs already done but not final ones.

Roho (your friendly neighborhood editor)