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  • Blast from the Past! a New Outbound #1 review by Brie Young, check it out!

    Still available in Digital Form here!

  • "All in all, the mixture of comics throughout Outbound #1 was refreshing. Some stories I favored more than others and hope to follow up on them."

The Disappearance by Jerel Dye

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The Disappearance is a new experience on Science Fiction comics, explore a new world meet the characters and travel with Jerel Dye's new comic. If you are missing Outbound, go experience this beautiful risograph printed 2 tone mini-comic.

Preview Art.

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About Jerel Dye.

Outbound #1 Digital Edition

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Now available as a Digital Comic!

*If you have purchased a copy of Outbound #2 you can type the ISBN number from the inside cover to get a huge discount on the now sold out Outbound #1.

Cyber Monday Sale!

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Outbound #2 and the SOLD OUT Outbound #1

ONLY 5 Dollars!

Featuring art by The Boston Comics Roundtable, Ten Ton Studios and Uruguay!
Here are some preview pages from Issue #2
And some reviews of people that enjoyed Outbound!

Free Digital Edition!

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Don't try to scan this it's too much for your dumb phone...just buy a copy don't be cheap!

Now with each copy of OUTBOUND #2 we are including a code for a FREE Digital Copy of the SOLD OUT OUTBOUND #1. Yes you read it right, if you buy a copy of Outbound #2 from our STORE, at a  Boston Comics Roundtable convention stand or from Million Year Picnic it comes with a FREE digital copy (PDF Format compatible with all Tablets and E-Readers) of OUTBOUND #1.