The Null Device by David Marshall

8:25 AM by S. Cartisano

Illustration by Jerel Dye.
Agent K is in trouble. She’s trapped behind enemy lines and is in desperate need of assistance. Reality is being rewritten and Agent K is necessary to set things straight. Somewhere near the end of the world, her superior the Director, weighs his options and selects the one remaining agents with the skills to complete the mission: Agent D. Too bad he's been fired. Join artist/writer David Marshall as he tries to save reality with the Null Device. And don’t forget your thumb drive.

About the creator: David Marshall is a one-man creative services company, building visual design solutions since 1990. He has almost 20 years of experience in graphic design, illustration, web + information design, and overall content beautification. He provides these services for a variety of public, private, and non-profit organizations.
In addition, Marshall has taught for Art Institute of Boston, Massachusetts College of Art and Memphis College of Art. More at his website Marshall Art Studio


Dave M! said...

Jerel Dye draws pretty good. I've only one question: which version of USB input does The Director have on/in his head? Knowing the data transfer speed would be a major clue in understanding his character development. (Is he a first-adopter?)

Dave M! said...

Me again. Thanks for describing my own story than I did!