Black Fuska by Roho

6:10 AM by S. Cartisano

Illustration by Jerel Dye.
Life can be challenging but when faced with problems, it’s best to face them head on than to run. The creative team of Roho, Dave Myers, and Steve Willhite, examine a man who thought jumping into his Black Fuska and driving away from his life would be the solution he needed. Instead, one dark night, a lonely stretch of road leads to three days lost, a factory’s destruction, and vengeful and powerful factory owner. You’ll never look at missing time and a black Volkswagon Beatle the same way again.
About the creator:
Roho (Creator, Writer and Art Issue 1):
Roho was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and immigrated to the United States with his parents in his early adulthood. Roho studied Commercial Art after high school and began drawing inexpertly at age seventeen. Despite his parents' hopes for him to become a well adjusted person, Roho studied sequential art on his own for several years. Shortly after moving to Cambridge in 2008, he joined Boston Comics Roundtable. Roho has contributed to the last three issues of Inbound as well as publishing Outbound: The Science Fiction Comics Anthology and the Hellbound Annual Horror Anthology.
Also featuring art by:
Richard Jenkins (Cover Issue 1), Dave Myers (Pencils Issue 2),  Steve Willhite (Inks Issue #2), Paul Marquis (Cover #2).