Outbound #1 Sneek Peek!

7:46 AM by River Bird Comics

This is the final line up for the Outbound #1:

The Caerulean Dream by Roho and Brett Barkley ▼ with Book Cover by Marcelo Buchelli.▲

Space and Time by Josh Mills, Michael Paoloni and Alexandra Mills ▼ with Chapter Cover by David Newbold.

The Null Device by David Marshall.▼

Flek by Erik Heumiller.▼

Scientist Gone Wild by Eric Boeker.▼

Mark and the Aliens by Aya Rothwell.▼

Black Fuska by Roho with Chapter Cover by Richard Jenkins.▼

Hunter Prey, an interview with Sandy Collora by Darren Albert with art by Chris Ring.▼

Breezes of Heaven by Joe Cannon with art by Paul Marquis.▼

How I learned to Tolerate Vegemite by Aya Rothwell.▼

The New Kid *PREVIEW* by Dan Mazur.▼

Marsnik 6 Paper Model by Marcel Sirer with Design by Roho.▼

This Issue is going to be for sale at Local Stores (in and around the Boston area) and Online NEXT WEEK!