Marznik IV Paper Model (PDF)

7:39 AM by River Bird Comics

Marsnik IV
As featured on Episode 1 of The Caerulean Dream, this Soviet probe entered the Martian atmosphere and lost communications shortly after this. Now you can build your own replica of this space age relic. Note that the design is based on the the few remaining records and simplified for easy construction.

If you don't wish to ruin you copy of Outbound #1 by Cutting out the Marsnik IV Paper model you can download this PDF Version and Print it at any size you wish. To download click on the picture above. The password is the 4 first letters of the inside cover going vertically (trof). For more models go to

Build your ship and send us pictures, feel free to customize it to reflect the harsh conditions of deep space, the best one will get a free copy  of the upcoming Outbound 3!