Space and Time by Josh Mills and Michael Paoloni.

8:14 PM by River Bird Comics

By Josh Mills and Michael Paoloni.
Writer: Michael Paoloni and co-written by Josh Mills
Art : Josh Mills
Chapter Cover: Jason Baroody and David Newbold
Urban sprawl has hit the Milky Way hard and everyone is looking for a way to make ends meet.  Robert is a mechanical engineer who has been cleaning toilets since he lost his job on Earth.  His future begins to look brighter, though, when he gets a job offer on another planet, so he hires Alex, the newly-appointed captain of the Surnia, to fly him and his daughter to their new life.  Unfortunately, a wrong turn lands them in the backyard of a cybernetic scientist who wants to address the overpopulation of Earth... with his army of cyborgs!