OUTBOUND Science Fiction Comics Anthology

10:03 AM by River Bird Comics


This is the plan:

- Color Cover.
- BW (HQ Digital) Interior pages.
- Size 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 64 Pages (Trimmed).
- 1 Painted Cover (the shown cover is just a mock up).
- Short Ongoing Stories that can be either 8,12 or 16 pages BW (w/screen tones).
- All short stories get a page for an inside cover (included in the page count).
- 1 to 3 pages of prose science fiction (it can be one story or a few short stories with a illustration).
- Fake adds for gadgets of the future or DIY robot kit.
- The overall feeling and mood of the book resembling Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine (Google it if not familiar).
- Introduction by a real life scientist (if we think is good, I am sure we can find one).

Submission & Deadline:
- First issue out  May 2009. All pages in by April 8.
If you are submitting your story you should have a short description of the series (what is is about, etc) and the proper story.
-For Prose just write it down limiting the size to one or two pages (consider we can play with font size and room for illustration).

More information coming soon.