Scientists Gone Wild by Eric Boeker

11:49 AM by S. Cartisano

Illustration by Jerel Dye.
Torturous experiments. Fantastic space-age techno do-hickeys. Horrific yet justifiable decapitations. And you thought only inebriated coeds were a problem? Lucky for you artist/writer Eric Boeker knows better. What happens when you combine evil scientists, giant robots, growth rays, radioactive lava from a haunted volcanic island ruled by zombies, a mutant octopus, beer, bunny slippers, and a pipe smoking monkey in a lab coat? I could tell you but you wouldn’t believe me. Read Scientists Gone Wild and witness it yourself!

About the creator:
Ever since he can remember, Eric Boeker has wanted to grow up to be a cartoonist, which is why he (like all other aspiring cartoonists) studied German Literature and grew up to be an engineer. Thanks to the recent zombie invasion in corporate America, he has finally found an outlet for his repressed cartoonist tendencies. He documents the trials and tribulations of the ever-growing, Generation-X, coffeehouse-loving, zombie horde in the "Commute of the Living Dead".