The Fallout Parade by Jesse Lonergan

6:13 AM by S. Cartisano

Hey, it’s the end of the world but don’t let nuclear fire ruin all your fun. Join writer/artist Jesse Lonergan on his post apocalyptic parade featuring a guy named Jack and his girl-you-don’t-bring-to-home to mom, Bugsy. They’ll be motorcycles, martinis, Gaga-inspired fashions (she’s like a freakin’ cockroach—can’t anything kill her?), feasts, dancing, full body shaves, hot tubs, and cannibalism? Okay, that last one isn’t cool but is it really any worse than spending forty plus hours a week avoiding your wienie boss and listening to whiney co-workers? By 9:15 most Mondays I’m ready for a martini strong enough to kill my color vision. It doesn’t even need to be ice cold. But I digress. Read the Fallout Parade by Jesse Lonergan!

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Fallout Parade
Illustration by Jerel Dye.