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"Good news, everyone!"

(Read using Professor Farnsworth voice)
Some of the stories that were supposed to come out on Outbound III (back in 2011-12) will be finally seeing the light of day on web form.
We are starting with a short story drawn by Bob Flynn. Keep an eye on Sap Comics or Sap Express for future updates and a lot of other Free2Read comics.
Also you can check out comics from the out of print Outbound I right here:
  • Black Fuska #1
  • The Cerulean Dream #1
  • Going deep with the Vigilant Geek

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    • "With cool, original story concepts, incredible, captivating and highly-detailed artwork, and a multi-issue continuity that will hook you by the lip like a big trout!"

      Go deep into outer space for an indepth with Andrew Puzak of the Vigilant Geek, story by story review of the now classic Outbound Vol. 1

      ---Still available in Digital Form here!   


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    • Blast from the Past! a New Outbound #1 review by Brie Young, check it out!

      Still available in Digital Form here!

    • "All in all, the mixture of comics throughout Outbound #1 was refreshing. Some stories I favored more than others and hope to follow up on them."

    The Disappearance by Jerel Dye

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    The Disappearance is a new experience on Science Fiction comics, explore a new world meet the characters and travel with Jerel Dye's new comic. If you are missing Outbound, go experience this beautiful risograph printed 2 tone mini-comic.

    Preview Art.

    Buy at Etsy.

    About Jerel Dye.

    Outbound #1 Digital Edition

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    Now available as a Digital Comic!

    *If you have purchased a copy of Outbound #2 you can type the ISBN number from the inside cover to get a huge discount on the now sold out Outbound #1.